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French Oak Beam Cut

French Oak Beam ripped into 1″ slabs

Vintage Elements offers a reclaimed French oak floor milled from salvaged beams in the Provence region in France.  These heavily weathered French oak beams lend themselves perfectly for raw stock to mill various oak planks grades out of them.  We usually use the slab sawn or live sawn technique to rip massive French oak beams into 1″ slabs that are further milled into 8″ – 12″ wide planks.  The wood from these beams will yield lighter colored boards than our reclaimed French oak planks.  These beams retain their original nail marks, worm holes and cracks, and will create stunning and rustic floors that are unmatched by new products.  Once the planks are milled, Vintage Elements will customize the surface according to customer specification.  The first steps are any mechanical changes to the surface such as knot filling, sanding, brushing or scraping.  The next steps are chemical or water based treatments that will alter the color of the wood.  The wood is then infrared dried to prevent deforming of the planks.  Additional stains, oils or urethanes are applied to further alter the look and to protect and pre-finish the boards.

reclaimed antique French oak unmilled brushed4 copy

Smoked and Brushed Beam Cut Oak Planks

Finished reclaimed French oak plank – smoked, brushed and oiled


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