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Reclaimed French Terracotta 6″ square with Antique Oak Inlay

The country manor homes and villas of 18th century France were often opulent affairs, despite their rural settings. The multistory buildings were situated on large tracts of picturesque French countryside, often framed by ivy-covered stone walls and grand entrances. Guests were greeted and received in luxurious entryways before making their way into the many rooms of the home.


Despite the grandiose setting, much of daily life in these manors was geared towards the upkeep of the grounds and surrounding farmland. This made the utility areas of the building the true heart of the home. Our French terracotta tiles also called Tomettes reclaimed from the utility and kitchen areas of these buildings, gain their rich character from centuries of activity in these homes.


These antique reclaimed French terracotta tiles have been sourced from farmhouses, manor homes and villas throughout France and range in age from approximately 150 to 200 years. Each tile was fired twice for durability, so it makes sense that these tiles found themselves installed in areas of the home that would receive the heaviest daily traffic.


The reclaimed tiles are a square 6 inches, though each tile sports its own distinct characteristics and slight irregularities that stems from their handmade nature. Thickness of the tiles also varies from roughly 3/4″ to 1 and 1/8″ depending on where they were situated in a room. Tiles that covered areas with heavy traffic were worn thinner over many seasons of activity.


These centuries-old French terracotta tiles are available in a variety of warm tones from red and brown to sand and yellow. You will find that some tiles display a green hue in their patina. This indicates that the tile was installed under a copper tub or sink.


The tiles lack a company imprint or stamp. Such a marking would indicate that a tile was machine made, and therefore a younger product.


We recommend sealing this reclaimed flooring with our custom-mixed terracotta sealing oil to prevent efflorescence from rising to the surface. The custom oil is designed to lock in volatile salts and minerals, effectively freezing your reclaimed tiles in time. We recommend finishing with our imported emulsified French Carnauba wax for a finish that is both authentic and durable.


These reclaimed French tiles work brilliantly in home settings that echo their original environment, such as kitchens, laundry rooms and wine cellars. The antique terracotta tiles offer a rustic accent for wood inlays of any shape or design.

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