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Antique French Beams in Oak, Chestnut or Pine

Antique Reclaimed French Oak Beams

Reclaimed French oak beams, often massive sized, from the 18th and 19th centuries, hand hewn beams, rough-sawn and reclaimed from old and disused French manors, barns and estates can be used as elements in traditional or French designed homes in ceilings, kitchens, lofts and flooring. The beams yield a lighter color than antique planks and are the most rustic, retaining their original characteristics: cracks, worm holes and nail marks. These reclaimed French oak beams create stunning and authentic flooring and elements that are completely unmatched by any new products.


Whether hand-hewn or rough-sawn, our solid antique beams from France can be used as design elements to dress up ceilings and kitchens, or as framing elements for interior lofts and trusses. Provide us with your beam schedule, and we will respond to you with approximate sizes, lengths and shipping costs to your project site. All our imported beams are cleaned, denailed and kiln dried. We also offer flooring cut from these beams. These will yield lighter colored planks than our antique oak planks. These beams retain their original nail marks, worm holes and cracks, and will create stunning and rustic floors that are unmatched by new products.


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