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Antique Spanish Marble

We have 452 sq.ft. oAntique Black and White Marble From A Spanish Monastery (452 sq.ft.)f this stone which would make for a perfect floor in a Foyer, reception hall, Kitchen or grand bathroom. Some materials seem immortal. Man has always sought out certain raw materials like metals, marble, precious stones. Something about these materials resonates with designers, artists and architects. This is part of the appeal of working with reclaimed materials in home building, such as these marble tiles from a Spanish monastery.


Raw materials that have been worked in past centuries by master craftsmen seem to be imbued with a unique character that is impossible to achieve with new components. When a reclaimed material like this is incorporated into a home, those who inhabit the home think not only of the history of the material itself but of its original setting.


These antique marble tiles are at least 200 years old and have been reclaimed from a Spanish monastery. The tiles hearken to not only of the original beauty of the monastery, crafted piece by piece, but also of the monks who lived entire lives within the monastery’s walls. Cloistered life would have been punctuated by visitors, sometimes familiar and sometime exotic, traveling across the countryside on ancient weathered paths. Monks lived out the seasons with a steady rhythm of devotion.


These hand-worked tiles have all of the features we seek in reclaimed flooring materials. The bottom of each marble tile was hammered by hand to a taper in order to allow for easier thickbed installation at the monastery. We are able to reclaim these marble tiles due to this hand-installation process, which involved a lime/sand mixture bed.

The classic design of these tiles lends itself to a modern flooring installation that will never go out of style. We have 452 square feet of this material, making it a natural choice for home flooring in a foyer, reception hall, grand bathroom or kitchen. Framing options are endless, but we recommend Noir Mazy marble or antique oak strips. The modern marble can be aged to match the look and feel of the antique stone floor.


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