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Belgian Bluestone Slabs in Random or Square Format

antique bluestone

 Reclaimed French Bluestone or Reclaimed Belgian Bluestone is renowned for creating dramatic, dark but also warm floors in exclusive homes.  Homeowners have long marveled the durability  of our Bluestone from Belgium as it will not wear, damage or discolor even during the heaviest demands by the customer.  Perfect for commercial high traffic installations such as restaurants, hotel lobbies and retail shops.  antique bluestone 04

Reclaimed Bluestone from Belgium and France has one of the hardest surface on this planet.  Only reclaimed belgian Bluestone salvaged from exterior and heavy foot traffic areas such as sidewalks, malls, train station platforms and plazas in Belgium will show a soft dimpled and pitted surface, light valleys, round high spots and other signs of heavy exposure.  Bluestone slabs salvaged from interior areas such as churches, public buildings and malls will barely show signs of wear even after 150 plus years of use.

antique bluestone2

Vintage Elements offers various Reclaimed Belgium Bluestone categories.  Heavily worn square stone,  random format stone and square, lightly worn stone slabs.  All our reclaimed bluestone is cut to a thickness of 1 1/4″ for easier installation.  These stones can be sealed either with our French floor wax or a penetrating wet or dry look commercial grade stone sealer.


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