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Antique Barr Gris – Reclaimed French Limestone slabs in their most beautiful appearance.  Installed in a running bond fashion with uneven grout lines that are hand tucked and hand smoothed and brushed for an authentic reclaimed estate floorAntique Grey Barr LimestoneThis pure grey limestone from the Provence region dates back 200 years and was used primarily as second level  flooring and first floor ceiling as an all in one solution in barns, farm houses and commercial storage buildings throughout the 17th century France.  Its lightweight nature  and easy to shape softness made it the perfect choice for these applications along with its cousin the antique Barr blonde stone.  The slabs were laid on top of rafters and were lime-washed from below to create a white ceiling.  To find reclamation sites that used grey and blonde Barr limestone is getting to be harder and harder, making these two stones an exquisite reclaimed flooring choice.  This antique limestone is cut to 1 1/4″ thickness and comes in widths ranging from 18″ to 20″ and lengths up to 26″.  We also manufacture matching baseboards and door trims using this rare stone.  Custom floor patterns with octagons and cabochons are also available.


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